No to Trident

For some time CNDUK has focused its campaigning efforts on trying to get the current Trident nuclear missile system scrapped and the plans for its replacement stopped.

In our area we have followed this major priority in our own local campaigning, but also worked to raise awareness of the major issues, for our area, surrounding nuclear power, against a background of government plans for nuclear new-build and nuclear waste disposal in the Northwest.

The case against Trident

Nuclear weapons have no legitimate purpose. Their use would be illegal under virtually every conceivable circumstance as civilian casualties would be unavoidable. They are genocidal and completely immoral. When confronted with any of today’s real security threats nuclear weapons are irrelevant: they cannot address the actual threats the government has identified – terrorism, cyber warfare and climate change.

If Trident was used not only would it kill indiscriminately but the radioactive fallout from the detonation means that its effects would know no geographical boundaries. Immediate survivors in the vicinity of any exchange of nuclear weapons would face devastating long-term ill effects or death. Recent research shows that even a so-called ‘small exchange’ of 50 nuclear weapons could cause ‘the largest climate change in recorded human history’ and potentially could kill more people than were killed in the whole of the Second World War.